Active White L-Glutathione

Skin Whitening Cream

Active White’s manufacturers know well that people like using creams to whiten their skin through their research, surveys and trials. Just dabbing on a cream is easy for those who want to whiten their skin. So, Active White L-Glutathione Skin Whitening Cream is easy to use, convenient and highly effective.

Besides whitening your skin, Active White L-Glutathione Skin Whitening Cream also acts as an antioxidant and sunscreen lotion to provide you with a lot of health benefits. So, Active White is clearly a one-stop solution that helps you whiten your skin, maintain your skin tone or complexion and also improve your overall physical health.

Active White has L-Glutathione, Vitamins C & E, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Arbutin, Mulberry Extract, Milk Proteins, Zinc Oxide, etc. These key ingredients are some of the best skin whitening ingredients and antioxidants that both whiten your skin as well as detoxifies your skin and body to improve your health.

The antioxidants in Active White L-Glutathione fight free radicals and prevent oxidation to both detoxify and whiten your skin. Along with that, Active White also doubles up as a sunscreen lotion protecting you from harmful UV rays and environmental pollution, while going out when the sun is shining to its full glory.

A cream is the most popular way to whiten your skin. It is the most preferred type of skin care product with the best market share among all application types. So, Active White has come up with a cream to help you whiten your skin.

Active White L-Glutathione Skin Whitening Cream performs multiple tasks on your skin and body, besides whitening your skin as fighting free radicals, preventing oxidation, detoxification, etc. In addition to all these, Active White also prevents skin damage, as you can use it as a sunscreen lotion as well.

Active White®’s proprietary “Skin Essentials™” formula is also proven by way of research and trials to whiten your skin. The trials went on for two years before its launch in the market.

Besides pre-launch research, Active White also carries out constant research on how to improve the product by way of innovation and feedback with the help of Active White’s R&D Team.

So, in order to whiten your skin, all you have to do is to apply Active White L-Glutathione Skin Whitening Cream on your face and any other parts exposed to the sun.

Active White also guarantees that you can see results within just seven days to a maximum of couple of weeks. Individual results, however, may vary.