Active White L-Glutathione Skin Whitening Pills come in the form of a pill so as to make intake easy along with making it highly effective. Active White’s Skin Whitening Pills use the tried and tested proprietary Active White® “Skin Essentials™” complex that is proven to deliver results.

A lot of tests and trials have gone into the product for more than two years before its launch in the market, which is why all its formulas are highly effective.

For Active White, Skin Whitening is both a technology as well as a formula created by bio-technologists, bio-chemists, lab technicians, medical professionals and even engineers. Even as an antioxidant, Active White detoxifies your skin and body, purifies your blood, eliminates free radicals and prevents oxidation that causes aging by ridding your body of toxins.

Active White L-Glutathione Skin Whitening Pills cause not only temporary changes but also long lasting and permanent changes on your skin. This gets accomplished, as Active White works not only on your skin’s surface but also from within your body.

Finally, Active White L-Glutathione Skin Whitening Pills are now being pills because Active White researched the easiest and the most effective intake to come up with the idea of making them pills.

The list of ingredients reads even more effective names as Glutathione (considered the Mother of all antioxidants), Vitamin C, Bearberry (Arbutin) and Grapeseed Extract. These ingredients work with a great level of synergy to whiten your skin to provide you with the fair and pink complexion you wanted.


Take two pills before or with a meal twice a day for best results.