Active White Vitamin-C

Skin Whitening Capsules

Active White Vitamin C Skin Whitening Capsules is made with a special formula that turns your skin fair and pink in complexion rendering a soft, smooth and shiny texture. The Vitamin C in these pills improves your overall physical health, while improving your complexion, skin tone and texture.

Active White uses Glutathione as the skin whitening agent that is also popularly known as the King or Mother of all antioxidants. It does perform antioxidant functions to eliminate toxins, free radicals and darkening due to oxidation.

Active White Vitamin C Skin Whitening Capsules is the best way to get a fair and pink skin along with a smooth and soft skin texture. Active White’s manufacturers have designed their products to cater to the heavy demands of the urban population, as people in urban belts face extreme pollution damaging their skin in all their layers. Since pollution made it difficult for millions of urban men and women to maintain their skin tone, Active White Vitamin C Skin Whitening Capsules is their best bet. It ensures you get a radiant glow with a soft, smooth and healthy skin with a fair and pink complexion.


Active White Vitamin C Skin Whitening Capsules has three primary ingredients performing the core functions of the supplement. They are:

  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) – 1000mg
  • Collagen Extracts – 300mg
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – 200mg

Besides these primary ingredients, it has Cellulose, Purified Water and Magnesium Stearate that help improve your complexion, skin tone and overall physical health.


Vitamin C –Active White has the best antioxidant and micronutrient in Vitamin C that prevents melanin synthesis and hyperpigmentation. It does the best of detox to your body to improve skin complexion, appearance, beauty and your overall physical health.

Collagen Extracts –Collagen is a naturally produced enzyme in the body. It can also be encouraged to be produced through supplementation of nutrition and through collagen extracts. Collagen is an amino acid that lightens and brightens your skin to render it a radiant glow. It also reverses aging and improves your complexion.

Alpha Lipoic Acid –Alpha Lipoic Acid is part of the best class of antioxidants that fights free radicals, renews skin cells, removes damaged skin cells, reverses aging and eliminates all types of skin blemishes. This antioxidant also renders your skin a radiant glow besides making your complexion fair and pink.

  • Besides its main benefits, Active White Vitamin C Skin Whitening Pills provides results magnified a thousand times, if taken in combination with Glutathione, the Mother of All Antioxidants.
  • Active White removes dead skin cells, rejuvenates and replaces them with new skin cells to prevent melanin synthesis, hyperpigmentation and thereby providing you with a fair to pink complexion.
  • Eliminates all types of skin blemishes as dark spots, age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, etc.
  • Protects skin from getting exposed to the harmful UV rays and environmental pollutants.
  • Provides adequate moisture to your skin to prevent skin dryness during winter.
  • Users of Active White enjoy improved energy, vitality, muscular strength and improved physical health.
  • Taking two Capsules daily after meals provides best results.
  • Provides enhanced results up to a thousand times, if taken along with Active White Glutathione.